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Mulethi: The Sweet Herb with Health Benefits
Mulethi, or licorice root, this sweet and natural remedy has a wide array of health benefits, from soothing sore throats to aiding digestion. Through this blog, readers will uncover the versatile and time-honored uses of Mulethi, and how this herb can contribute to their overall well-being.
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Gymnema: The Sweet Solution to Sugar Cravings and Diabetes Management
Have you ever wished for a natural herb that could help manage blood sugar levels and curb those relentless sweet cravings? Meet Gudmar, also known as Gymnema sylvestre. This remarkable plant has been a treasure in the world of traditional medicine for centuries.

In this post, we'll explore the fascinating world of Gudmar, uncovering its potential as a natural aid for diabetes management and its unique ability to temporarily suppress the taste of sweetness.
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DARUHARIDRA (Berberine) : A Health promoter
Scientific name : Berberis aristata Family : Berberidaceae Part used : Root , Bark, Fruit, stem Also called as Indian barberry or Tree Turmeric, Berberine is well renowned for its juicy, sour berries that are used in smoothies and drinks as...
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